Why buy American made chemical light solutions?
Buying American made chemical lights means
buying the absolute best…

Cyalume Technologies, the premier American Lightstick
company is the world leader in the chemiluminescent
industry, providing dependable chemical lighting for use
in emergency blackouts, military training, industrial
accidents, acts of terrorism and natural disasters
for over 30 years.

Keeping Military grade ChemLight® and Industrial grade
SnapLight® brands manufactured in the U.S. is Cyalume’s
number one priority. Each product is manufactured with a
high degree of product quality, meeting ISO 9001:2000
standards during the manufacturing process. Only the safest,
environmentally friendly and highest-grade chemicals are used.
This process guarantees reliability and fast delivery to the military, public safety markets, facilities management suppliers, and the marine industry. Cyalume Technologies is the official supplier of chemiluminescent products to the U.S. Government and NATO forces.

Show your support by buying American made products to help stimulate our economy.






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